An Important Note to our customers, (and visitors):
As we stated in this month's newsletter, we are upgrading the website and changing hosting, (to vuHosting).
For a brief period this temporary site will be displayed. The new website will online soon.

Welcome to the vuBackup Website/Database/Email Secure Remote Online Backup Service.

This service is currently offered as part of vuHosting's web hosting plans but is also available as a separate service to any interested parties.

The vuBackup system archives all of your website's content, databases, unread emails and the entire web hosting account configuration, (email, FTP, Folder permissions, sub-domains, add-on domains, etc.).
The archive is then compressed and encrypted and transferred to secure remote storage which is unaffiliated with vuHosting and may be accessed at any time via a public web page.
Users are notified by email whenever an archive is created and when it has been successfully transferred to the secure storage. Users may retrieve an archive at any time and restore their entire website in minutes with any other web host who supports the cPanel hosting system, (the most widely deployed hosting system in the world).

All vuHosting customers have their web sites backed up once a week, but cannot specify where to store the archives or what the archive decryption key is.
vuBackup service paid subscribers can specify the backup frequency and roll-over period, the backup store location, and will receive a unique decryption key for their archives.

The vuBackup Service is provided by vuWare. We provide quality Software, Hardware and IT Design services.

vuWare can create custom software, (and hardware) solutions for any application from Robotics and Embedded Control Systems to online eCommerce Systems.

You can contact vuWare here.

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